QC PICS Means:Quality Check Pictures

We are a luckick website . will provide you free QC pictures before shipping.

After the customer places the order, we will arrange to shoot QC, and then send it to the customer for confirmation as soon as possible.After you confirm the QC pictures, if there is any problem or dissatisfaction, we will replace it for you. We will not arrange delivery until there are no problems.

After placing the order, please contact Customer Service via whatsapp or Facebook to confirm QC Pics

Order Process:

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  1. Pick products and consult→placing the order
  2. Pay by yourself or contac tCustomer Service(CS) to pay

(If any issues, pls contact to CS to solve it.)

  1. Payment successful→CS contact you to confirm size and delivery information
  2. CS sendQC picturesfor you→Confirm→Shipping→CS provide delivery tracking number to you

5.Shipping→Received sneakers→Feedback